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Medical Weight Loss Specialist

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Aesthetic Specialist & Bariatric Medicine located in Antelope Valley, Palmdale, CA

Many people find weight loss incredibly challenging today, and most often require the need of professional help. Dr. Pamela De Silva at De Silva Medical in Palmdale, CA has had extensive training in medical weight loss and is eager to help patients throughout the Antelope Valley get to the root of their specific weight loss challenges.

Medical Weight Loss Q & A

What Is Dr. DeSilva’s Weight Loss Program Comprised of?

The basic structure of the program consists of three phases: Quick Start, Transition, and Maintenance. Within each phase, there are four basic areas: food, exercise, behavioral counseling, and prescription medication.

What Is the Quick Start Phase of the Diet?

During the Quick Start Phase, the food component of the program consists of a low-calorie diet that can only be prescribed by a medical provider. You will be provided with the high-nutrient foods designed for rapid, safe weight loss. Behavioral counseling also plays a major role, as it will help patients realize that they are more in control of their food decisions than they may have thought.

What is the Transition Phase of the Diet?

In the transition phase of the diet, the patient will have lost some weight and really start to notice a difference in how they look and feel. Dr. De Silva will continue prescribing a nutritional low-calorie diet plan, but the patient will be able to start gradually re-introducing some of their favorite foods into their diet again. Dr. De Silva will also monitor levels of activity and continue to counsel the patient on making sound, healthy decisions.

What Happens in the Maintenance Phase of the Diet?

A patient enters the maintenance phase once they have reached their personal goal for weight loss. Patients in this phase will be actively living a healthy life, completely incorporating their new health choices into their lifestyle. Sometimes, patients in this phase can even stop taking medication for chronic conditions with the doctor's permission. This marks the beginning of their new life.

Who Qualifies for Medical Weight Loss?

People who qualify for medical weight loss are generally healthy except for their weight. In fact, many people choose to start a medical weight loss program to make sure that their extra weight does not cause health problems down the road. Anyone who needs to lose weight can participate, whether they want to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds. Dr. De Silva understands that weight loss is a very personal process, and she has the medical tools and resources to develop a highly personalized plan specific to each person’s unique biological makeup. She is available to provide ongoing motivational support throughout the entire process and work together to achieve weight loss goals in a safe and healthy way.

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