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Mint PDO Threading Non Surgical Face Lift Specialist

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Face-lifts are traditionally the most effective method for reducing deep wrinkles and lifting saggy skin, but they are no longer your only option. Keeping up with the latest in cosmetic treatments, Pamela De Silva, MD, of De Silva Medical, offers patients the Mint™ PDO threading nonsurgical face-lift, a minimally invasive face-lift procedure that uses dissolvable threads to lift skin and reduce wrinkles. Call the office in Palmdale, California, or book an appointment online today to learn more about this nonsurgical face-lift.

Mint PDO Threading Non Surgical Face Lift Q&A

What is the MINT PDO threading nonsurgical face-lift?

The Minimal Invasive Nonsurgical Thread (MINT™) PDO is a nonsurgical face-lift that lifts and tightens your skin without injections or surgery. While less invasive than a traditional face-lift, MINT produces similar results that are more noticeable than injectables and fillers. MINT revitalizes your youthful appearance by lifting saggy skin, restoring volume, and stimulating your body’s natural production of collagen and elastin, which tightens skin over time.

How does MINT work?

At De Silva Medical, your aesthetic specialist uses this FDA-approved thread-lift to physically lift the skin around your face, neck, or both. An absorbable barbed suture material lifts the facial tissues and increases collagen production.

During this unique and effective thread-lift procedure, your aesthetic specialist numbs the areas you want to treat so any pain you feel is minimal. Next, barbed suture threads are inserted underneath the skin to lift sagging skin, creating an instant tightening effect. Over the coming months, these threads naturally dissolve underneath your skin, eliminating the need to have them removed.

What makes MINT so effective is that the dissolvable threads provide the framework for your body’s natural healing response. Because these threads cause small tears underneath the skin, your body heals itself by producing collagen and elastin. This stimulation tightens and firms sagging skin. These anti-aging effects continue for up to a year after the initial treatment.

How soon will I see results?

The barbed threads used in the MINT procedure, which takes approximately one hour, provide immediate results that you’ll notice right away. Any bruising or swelling you experience from the treatment should be minimal and disappear within the first few days.

While you’ll see modest results right away, the firming and tightening effects of MINT are most noticeable within the first three months of the treatment as your body naturally begins to heal and stimulate collagen and elastin production. The treatment is so effective that many patients continue to see results for up to 18 months.

Because MINT is a minimally invasive procedure, there is very little downtime following your initial treatment. While you can return to your normal activities right away, it is recommended to avoid exercise for the first few weeks following your procedure.

The MINT lift is an extremely effective anti-aging treatment for patients hoping to restore their youthful appearance. To learn more about this minimally invasive procedure, call De Silva Medical or book an appointment online today.

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